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United Nation's Position

"Membership in the United Nations is open to all peace-loving states which accept the obligations of the Charter and, in the judgment of the Organization, are willing and able to carry out these obligations.


Major United Nation Policies:

  • Accepting of all peace-loving states which accepts the policies of the Charters
  • All states are equal, some are more equal then others i.e. the Veto
  • Charters do not apply, if your country can supply more force and money

United Nations towards Taiwan,


United Nations, the foundation of peace in this world today, denies the fact of Taiwan's existence of 23 million Taiwanese people. The United Nations is allegedly based on democracy and the people, but it chooses not to represent the Taiwanese people because of Veto power stolen by the People Republic of China and using their anti human rights, and over powering has chosen to speak for Taiwan. Taiwan has been an independent country, and unless People Republic of China is willing to accept the fact they are owned by Taiwan, or accept the fact their revolution failed and is still apart of the Manchu empire they have no case. People Republic of China being a renegade province of Taiwan should obey the rights that the Taiwanese wish not to represent an Anti Human Rights province, Anti People, Anti Democracy China.


The United Nations needs to acknowledge and put time on their timetable about this issue, Taiwan being a country with 23 million people should not be left out in discussion because many countries in the United Nations support the idea of Taiwan in the United Nations.

The United Nations policy should follow the charters they have made, if they can accept states such as Iraq, China, and many more autocratic states, Taiwan should not be a question it is democratic it is one of the most economically powerful countries and will not be denied for their existence.


The United Nations should stop obeying to China, and follow what they preach in their charters and accept Taiwan in the United Nations. The United Nations should not oppress the Taiwanese, and oppress issues in the world such as problems in China, with their pro abortions policy, pro extreme child labor, pro dictatorship government. The Taiwanese are peaceful and pro democratic people, who wishes that the world accepts the fact that Taiwan is a country. The Chinese people are suffering due to their anti people's government, and wishes to be helped and United Nations should support their efforts by not supporting another autocratic government and push forward a democratic country.


It would be a horrible act if the United Nations fails to represent what they stand for. Stand up for Taiwan, and quit obeying China.


Taiwan's plead towards the United Nations,

Monday, June 18, 2001

President determined to fight for United Nation Seat

During a symposium on "Taiwan and the United Nations" Sunday, President Chen Shui-bian said that, although entering the United Nations would require tremendous efforts, reflecting on the past reminds us that Taiwan's democratization was a similarly long road.

Stressing that Taiwan has no right to be dejected when it comes to the issue of the United Nations, Chen said he is prepared not only to travel abroad in the cause of foreign relations, but also to fight for a seat in the United Nations for Taiwan.

Calling United Nations membership an "incontrovertible right," Chen said Taiwan offers more and is better prepared to enter the United Nations than most other nations. Consequently, Taiwan must not get down on bended knee and plead to the international community, but should walk proudly and with dignity as a sovereign democratic nation, confidently voicing the indignant protest of Taiwan's 23 million people over this serious discrimination.

Underscoring the government's determination to pursue this aim, the president stressed that in order to contribute tangibly to a better world, entering the United Nations is an unavoidable responsibility.

Noting the United Nations Charter has always emphasized "promoting world cooperation," "replacing hostility and conflict with peace," and "working for human rights and well-being of all world citizens," Chen noted the irony of allowing a nation devoid of freedoms, human rights and democracy - where even a private organization of martial-arts practitioners is subject to arrests and jail time - to intimidate the United Nations into rejecting a free, democratic country of 23 million that respects human rights; a country that continues to pour massive funds into military expansion, and deploys missile deployments to conduct political blackmail has the power of veto over the United Nations entry of the ROC, a country that pursues peaceful coexistence and continuously contributes to the international community.

The president pointed out a sharp contradiction between the "universality" of United Nations membership and the exclusion of Taiwan from the organization. Nevertheless, he pledged that Taiwanese will prove through its actions that Taiwan will not give up on becoming a fully responsible member of the international community, despite being overlooked by the United Nations. In the spirit of a "sweet potato," Taiwan would demonstrate its strong vitality in the effort to spread goodness around the world and prove that the United Nations' exclusion is not only an erroneous aberration, but also a serious loss for the international community.

President Chen said the government will continue to pursue the strategy of pragmatic diplomacy and flexible methods in the future, while continuing to enhance new "diverse diplomacy" thinking and aggressively seek entry into international organizations and attempting to join specialty United Nations organizations and their ancillary organizations, from the International Civil Aviation Organization, to the International Monetary Fund, to UNICEF.

Ayn Rand on United Nations,

There is no margin for error about a monstrosity that was created for the alleged purpose of preventing wars by uniting the world against any aggressor, but preceded to unite it against any victim of aggression. The expulsion of a charter member, the Republic of China - an action forbidden by the U.N.'s own Charter—was a 'moment of truth,' a naked display of the United Nations' soul. 

What was Red China's qualification for membership in the U.N.? The fact that her government seized power by force, and has maintained it for twenty-two years by terror. What disqualified Nationalist China? The fact that she was a friend of the United States.  It was against the United States that all those beneficiaries of our foreign aid were voting at the U.N. It was hatred of the United States and the pleasure of spitting in our face that they were celebrating, as well as their liberation from morality—with savages, appropriately, doing jungle dances in the aisles.

Taiwan Is Qualified for Membership of The International Community

China chose to issue this white paper now for the purpose of exerting pressure on other countries while nipping Taiwan's effort to expand foreign relation in the bud. We are protesting China's hostile move by asserting the point that Taiwan is a sovereign country. With full international personality, Taiwan has every right to participate in any international activity or organization.

As far as the United Nations Resolution 2758 of 1971 is concerned, we believe that it merely assures the Chinese Communist regime's legitimacy of representing China. Its denouncement of the Chiang regime's claim cannot be equated with a rejection of Taiwan's status as an independent country. It does not grant China the right to claim Taiwan as a part of its territory in any sense. In fact, in the debate regarding Chinese representation, there was a broad consensus that:

  1. The PRC be admitted to United Nations as China;

  2. Taiwan was not a province of the PRC;

  3. The future of Taiwan be decided by Taiwanese according to the principles of United Nations Charter and self-determination;

The demand by the Taiwanese for a vote on entering the United Nations in the name of "Taiwan" is precisely a deed of self-determination to ensure Taiwan's international status as a de jure state.

Compared with the one hundred and eighty-four members of the United Nations, Taiwan ranks medium in population and territory; it is in the upper tier in terms of culture and economy. Taiwan's trading volume ranks fourteenth; the ranking of our GDP is twentieth while that of GNP per capita is twenty-fifth in the world. Taiwan's foreign reserves come closely after Japan's and Germany's while it has become the seventh biggest country in foreign investment. Taiwan has provided technical assistance, human resources and monetary aid to help many developing and under-developed countries.

Article Four of the United Nations Charter states that members can be admitted if they be peace-loving states that accept the obligations contained in the Charter and be able and willing to carry out these obligations. Taiwan is well qualified for United Nations membership under this condition. Its request to enter the United Nations should therefore be taken seriously.

It should be clarified that the KMT's proposition of "parallel representation of a divided nation" is nothing more than a game of words. The truth is, the KMT has no intention of becoming a member of the United Nations. This can be detected from Lee Teng-hui's remark that, "The effort to get into the United Nations should not be used by the DPP as a scheme for Taiwan's independence." The Taiwanese desire formal admission to membership of the United Nations rather than the position of an observer. The Taiwanese cannot accept Lee’s approach, willing and bound to settle for less due to his refusal to use the name “Taiwan”.

We demand that China stop interfering with Taiwan's international relations. It is about time that China acknowledges Taiwan's sovereignty and respects the will of the Taiwanese. We also call on the international community to recognize the right of the Taiwanese people to found an independent country.

The United Nations embraces Communist China - history's most murderous criminal regime.

In 1949, the Communists forced anti-Communist Nationalist China, one of the United Nations' founding members, from the mainland to Taiwan. In 1971, the United Nations expelled Taiwan and embraced the brutal Red Chinese government -- a government responsible for over 35 million murders. When the vote admitting Red China was announced, United Nations delegates danced in the aisles to show their contempt for America and their joy at the triumph of Red China.

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