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The Obstacle

Through hundreds of years of suffrage, the Taiwanese people have overcome all obstacles. We have driven upwards in every aspect of life. The Taiwanese people suffered from the most horrid regimes from Ancient China, and have endure regimes far worse then people may envision, the Chinese-Kuomintang regime. Through all these times of struggle, the Taiwanese prevailed, making Taiwan one of the leading countries of the world. We have accomplished this all, by self. This is our gift, and our curse.

As individuals we had visions, we became triumphant, but we have been too greedy to take time to observe. The Taiwanese are too blind to face the simple facts, we are too blind to see what brought us here, and what provided us to thrive. It was not the autocratic regimes, but Taiwan, the terrain, the people, all these made it possible for us to be here today. But this generation of Taiwanese has become too self-indulged; thinking the cause of all this success was he and only he, and not the labors of the workers, the scholars, and the motherland. Self-indulgence has led them to believe they know everything, but yet they know nothing.

Today this is shifting; we can witness how people conform to where they imagine they belong. This has made the Taiwanese fragile, and their voices unheard. The bourgeois have joined a group of elite-Taiwanese, and supported the elite-Chinese regime, and betrayed their own motherland, making them blind to see what brought them to their success. The unions corrupt them with deceit, and implant them the ideals of greed, making them weak and vulnerable. These unions make you feel like you are accepted, but its true ideals are to impose corruption upon your mind. They do not want you to think, or to decide, for they want you to accept fear, and insecurity. This is their genius, and this is how many have been corrupted.

Not long ago, Taiwanese fought for a foundation, they fought for the well being of future Taiwanese, but this movement has gone unheard, and has faded. Tens of thousands have died because of the Chinese-Kuomintang regime, which led to the catastrophe of the February 28th incident, which was sealed for years to come. We must not fear these monsters anymore, we must unite for a superior cause, and we must fight for our motherland.

Taiwan belongs to the Taiwanese, and no one else. We must not give up the struggles of hundreds of years, and surrender our motherland to the Chinese foreigners. The Chinese foreigners in Taiwan compile of less then 15% of the population. There are at least 80% of Taiwanese. Even if we are small, we are a force. If we never speak out we will never be heard. In the 511 movements it is a great example of how Taiwanese are frustrated. 70,000 Taiwanese protested, but this should not be something we do only when it is prepared. This movement of the acknowledgement of Taiwan should happen on a daily bases, by yourself, or with your friends, or even at an event. This should be on our minds as a daily subject. And again, even if we are small, we are still a force. This force is unstoppable if we are organized, because together we can conquer even the strongest enemies of the world. Taiwan is an impenetrable wall, if we unite together.

Even today, after achieving so much, and becoming one of the worlds leading countries, we are still unknown to the world. We the Taiwanese people must not let our spirits run low, and let our voices unheard. We must continue our fight, and do not entrust our movement to the government, if so it will rust in their hands. It should be in the hands of the Taiwanese people, we make the choices, and this is why we must stand up for our rights, and fight for our freedom. The foreigner such as James Soong, and Lien Chan wishes to dictate Taiwan, and corrupt the minds of Taiwanese with their superfluous battle of the words in media. They attack the Taiwanese government, and praises the Chinese. They fight for seats in the parliament so they can steal more money and suck the spirits out of the Taiwanese. We the Taiwanese will not fight for seats in parliaments, but we win seats in parliament so one day we can liberate all of the Taiwanese people.

How can people of different class, different culture, different race, appreciate the struggle which the Taiwanese went through, and are going through. These foreigners who are fighting for seats can not be trusted, for they will never understand the struggle the Taiwanese had to undergo. They do not fight for the Taiwanese people, but they wish to alter us, and take what we have earned and fought for. This is exactly why we as Taiwanese must stand strong, and fight back this plague of contagious disease. This disease that has evolved and hides within us, we must not give in without a fight.

Why is China so hostile towards Taiwan? We must understand it is not the Chinese people, who are hostile, but the secret organizations, the media, the elite members of China, who have poisoned the Chinese peoples heart, and made them weak. We have learned that from history, now we must not make that same mistake by becoming weak and let our hearts be poisoned by the foreigners like James Soong, and Lien Chan.

If only the Taiwanese people leave behind the chains of self-cause, and greed to fight for a greater cause of Taiwan. We must unite as all Taiwanese and become a giant. No power in this world will be able to penetrate through our invincible barrier.

People of Taiwan do not think “victory” for we have not achieved true freedom until foreigner disease have stop spreading in the great country of ours. When we think victory, we think we have accomplished our task, and reached our goals, but we are far from that, so people of Taiwan, think, “fight” for we have a long way to go and much more to accomplish.

People Of Taiwan, Unite!


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