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The Losing War

Everything is destroyed by its own particular vice: the destructive power resides within. Rust destroys iron, moths destroy clothes, the worm eats away the wood; but greatest of all evils is envy, impious habitant of corrupt souls, which ever was, is, and shall be a consuming disease.

~ Menander

We have been corrupted. This illness, which hides from within, has ruined the good will of Taiwanese, and still they evolve. As time passes by, and conservatism increase, this disease multiplies, and it continues to multiply today. The wishes of this disease are unknown, and often altering, this truth proves it is a parasite, a parasite that needs to be attended to. These are the problems that we must tend to before it is inevitable and it has controlled us. This my friends, is greed, this plague enforced upon us by the old regimes of the Chinese nationalist, and today it is still strong within the Anti-Taiwanese, such as the bourgeoisie Lien Chan and James Soong. This is a crisis we had to resort to, but today it is different, today we must become superior people, and free ourselves of self-indulgence.

Fifty years ago when the Chinese Nationalist regime came to corrupt the hard working spirits of Taiwanese people, we had no government to trust, we had nowhere to resort to. This is exactly why self-importance became the vital role for Taiwan to evolve, and to become the majestic country of Taiwan today. But this must end, for us to progress further, and to flourish even more.

Taiwan in the present, has a new government, a government we may entrust, a government elected by the Taiwanese people, and are run by the Taiwanese people, for this is the grounds why people should now work together as a unity, instead of the old traditional ways of self-indulgence. It has been fifty long stressful years, and all of us have become hungry for this capitalist gain, but that was back then, now there are much more vital concerns to be dealt with, the social foundation must be fixed. We must rid the plague infested upon us by viruses such as Lien Chan, and James Soong, they who never had one days of hard life, or experienced the Taiwanese struggle, is still trying to distort the Taiwanese people to betray their own motherland. They who are from another culture, another race, and have always belonged in the upper class will never understand the idea of determination, the ideals of Taiwan. We must forget these diseases, and fight the greed, which is passed on us.

Coming in the 21st century we made significant marks in Taiwanese history, but there are so much more to do, and the greatest problem we face right now, is the issue of greed. The Taiwanese foundation is like a chopstick, it is weak, it is fragile, and it is losing, if the people of Taiwan do not give up this greed before country ideals, the chopstick will snap it will break, and if that happens we will realize how much we lost. This cannot happen, and this will not happen if we unite, and work together, and support our country, for it is the respect we owe back to our country, which has given us so much. Each of us is like a chopstick, it is easily broken when we are standing alone, but once we stand together, and unite, we are unbreakable.

We must not stand for traitors in Taiwan anymore, we must cure the sick country and make it prospers once again. We must attack the source, before we can deal with the problems. Anti Taiwan corporations must cease to exist in Taiwan, the foreigners who wishes to unite with China, should and will be exiled for the greater cause of Taiwan, and the greater cause for them. For we are making two groups content, the Taiwanese who wishes to only live in peace, and the traitors who wish to live with Chinese. We must end this corruption, end the organizations which spread the disease, media needs to end corruption, James Soong, Lien Chan and all foreign parasites must leave, and this is for the greater cause for all people. These people are the reasons for traitors in Taiwan, they are the reason why it still spreads today, and this must be taken in consideration to the Supreme Court. They have stolen the Taiwanese hard earned money, they have stolen the Taiwanese pride, they have increasingly tried to corrupt the Taiwanese people, and the biggest crime is they have stolen the Taiwanese heart. This will not go unpunished, they have a choice, and it is simple, either to live in Taiwan and accept the truth, and be judged for High Treason, or to go to the country they love, and we will help them by exiling them to China. Once this has come to an effect, Taiwan, and all Taiwanese, will finally become safe, and once we are safe, we can proceed, to fixed the Taiwanese foundation, the Taiwanese heart, and continue our fight for a better Taiwan.

We must rid ourselves of this greed, and only then will we be able to fight for a better tomorrow. We need to attack the parasites nest, and then we can maintain cleaning the parasites. For if this should not happen, the future of Taiwan is undetermined, and we will continue to struggle, and it will be apparent that we have lost the battle, and soon the war, and all hopes to repay what we took will be gone and lost.


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