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Taiwanese Solidarity Union


Established in August 12,2002

Emblem Description

The spherically shape symbolizes the consolidation, completion, and unity. The island of Taiwan rises above the sun and the ocean. This picture represents the power to lift up Taiwan. The blue strips under the rising sun represent the waves, which brings out the geographical characteristic of Taiwan strongly. Also, the four strips of blue waves symbolize the political stability, the revivification of economy, democratic consolidation, and reinforcement of Taiwan. We stand for “Taiwan First”, and this model is truly the base of our theory. Following this principle, we believe that Taiwan will eventually step on the international pedestal. Three white waves represent to unite, to build, and to cooperate.

Emblem Colors

The number “4” represents the amalgamation of four different cultural groups in Taiwan. Therefore, our standard party logo contains four different colors.


Khaki (main color): stands for the nature and mother earth that 23 million Taiwanese people were gestated. It also represents our love and total passion to this land.


Orange (secondary color): Orange is the color of dawn. It represents the brightness and the new political atmosphere.


Blue (secondary color): blue represents the greatness and the patient of the ocean.


White (secondary color): white is the color of light. There are four strips of light within the ocean waves in our logo, which symbolizes hope and expectations of the future.

Party Chairman


<Above> Lee Teng-Hui

Lee Teng-Hui is the heart and soul which changed the autocratic system in Taiwan. At an young age influenced highly by the Japanese education, found himself in politics. Influencing many Taiwanese people, giving hope and will. Japanese respect him while true Taiwanese embrace him, he is the reason why Taiwan is not still under dictatorial rule, he gave the people democracy, and fought of the rights of Taiwanese.

Even today he spends much of his time fighting for the Taiwanese people, keeping his dedication alive, making Taiwan proud.

Taiwanese Solidarity Union



In its policy position on cross-strait relations, the TSU stresses the following points:

  • The separate existence of Republic of China and the People's Republic of China is an objective fact that no one can deny.

  • Any change of the current status will have to be made by the people as a whole acting without any outside interference.

  • All public affairs must be conducted in accordance with the "Taiwan first" principle.

  • The TSU is in favor of an appropriate degree of adjustment to the "no haste, be patient" policy and the "three links" policy.

In the area of cross-strait policy, the TSU will:

  • support the concept of a "special state-to-state relationship," which was put forward by Lee Teng-hui;

  • oppose relaxation of the "no haste, be patient" policy; and

  • oppose the idea that the future of Taiwan's economy depends solely upon mainland China.

In the political arena, the TSU advocates:

  • a straightforward presidential system, with ultimate executive power and responsibility in the hands of the president;

  • reduction of the number of legislative seats by half, and adoption of a single-member district, two-round voting system;

  • an eventual end to the use of nuclear power in Taiwan; and

  • the elimination of the influence of "black gold" (i.e. organized crime and dirty money) in politics.

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