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People First Party


Established in another dimension?


James Soong: Anything that has value, overcoming anything with meaning.


Wise words from a soulless thing. From greed, to stupidity it has done it all, this thing has disgusted people of Taiwan. It wishes to join China in their anti human rights movement, anti democracy, and anti Taiwan movement. It has filthy money it's family have stolen in the past, and money coming in that it is currently stealing. Its money is countless, but because it is soulless it will not buy it's own parents toilets. It pretends to fight for the poor, and it pretends to think, but we all know it is just a retarded version of Napoleon, from Animal Farm. People of Taiwan, Unite, and lets get rid of contagious diseases like this thing.


People First Party



If you are into totalitarianism this is the party to go to. They have no ideology, they have no foundation, all they have is people with money, coming from upper class society. They fight for no one but themselves, and their history is short, and is constructed of theft of the people, and propaganda to the masses. They can not win alone, so they go to their rival they bitched with for a few years, the KMT, and they linked forces. They have no opinion in real issues, but they sure know how to scream and yell about nothing. 


They are a young party, but they sure left a mark in the Taiwanese heart, hatred and disgust. There is only one thing to say, LEAVE! Technically this isn't even a party anymore, it is not like it changes anything.



  • Totalitarianism

  • No freedom, no choice, and no future for the Taiwanese people

  • No Taiwan

  • One China

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