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Motherís Love

One of the most significant aspects of life is defined through the love a mother gives towards her child. Our mother not only provides for our attire, shelter, food, care, health, but also most prominently love and education.

Our motherland is much like our mother. Our country shapes our lives like the way our mothers do. The country gives us the place to live, the education, the environment to mature, the opportunities, and protection. Much like our mothers, the country gives us something to look up to. Our country provides us somewhere to go, somewhere to prosper, somewhere to belong.

As respects to our mothers, when we grow up we begin to return her love, we return our mothers with compassion, and affection, much like how she provided for us. This becomes our duty as children to return this kindness. Our country should be treated much the same way, it gives us the opportunity to grow, it lets us mature, and so it is our duty to pay compliments to our country. This is not only our duty, but it becomes our burden, it is the only right thing to do.

The country gave us hope and prosperity; we must repay the country back by bringing it a promising future, and flourish more.

I was told a story once, about a mother and son. A widow at only the age of twenty-seven. Her husband died from an illness, and she had to take care of her son and get a job. She would make her son breakfast then leave for work bright and early. Then working overtime but she still managed to bring dinner to her son everyday. The son grew up, and got enough money to progress to the metropolis, Taipei, and work at a minimal paying job. He promised to his mother one day he would become prosperous and let her mom not endure this pain anymore. For every thousand he made he had a hundred to spare, he considered about giving that hundred to his mother, but he came up with the idea why not make this hundred to thousands. So he invested the money, that way instead of a cheap dinner, he could afford shark fins and abalone for his mom, and treat her to the astounding feast she deserved. He frequently got promotions and finally got a well off job, after five years. He decided to return and meet his mom again, since his investments were so successful, everything he promised could be done now.

Through the five years he called once in awhile but that was it. When he met her, tears were pouring out of his eyes, his mother has become so skinny and disfigured, and she became almost unrecognizable. His mother was so glad to see him; they talked for hours and hours through the night. He told her that he has become a vice-president of a company and have enough money for her. She had a grin, then it washed away, she told him, because there was no money for herself, she had to work even when he left. Her son stuck in the capitalistic world forgot about his mother and began to cry. She paused for a few minutes, she did not know how to tell his son, but he knew something was wrong. Then she mutely told him, the doctors diagnosed her with cancer. The room became uneasy, then faded into silence.

The son never forgave himself, he knew that his mother loves him so she did not want to concern him, but he was so wrapped up in the world of money he forgot about his own mother, who nurtured him and protected him since his birth. Most of all he could not live knowing he got so greedy when he could have saved his motherís life if he had just given her some money to live without working endlessly. He was trapped in this society run by money and lost track of time to meet his own mother. He lost his chance to give back all the love and protection that his mother gave him.

            Another story I was that was told to me was the farmerís ambition. A young boy at an early age worked from dawn to dusk. He worked in the farm with his parents and worked late into the night. While he worked he occasionally saw this manager that drove in his Mercedes in front of his home. Every time he saw the man he told to himself, when I grow up I will have an immense car like that, and I will have more money then that man. He finally got the opportunity to go to school. Even then he woke up earlier to work at the farm, then prepared himself to go to school, and came home did his homework and chores and did some leftover work in the farm. At school he was always number one in class, the brightest mind in the entire school. He was a model student, and model son, and it was his time to leave the farm.

            At age eighteen with some money given by his parents he left for the city, and made some money at some odd jobs. With this money he used it to make a small company, it wasnít much but the boy worked his hardest like all throughout his life. The boy having a keen gift in the business world and due to the fact Taiwan had an economic explosion he made and made more money. His small company only grew and grew. Nothing could stop him he was too smart to lose to anyone else. He soon got a company with eight hundred employees and was a successful boy. The dream of driving a nice car and being successful was accomplishment at merely the age of thirty. This was not enough for the boy, the money just drove him to get more, his dream could only get bigger, and the sky just gets higher and higher. But the economy was not as great as it use to be in Taiwan, he was not getting as much money as he wanted, a million was not enough anymore, it had to be more. He heard about the cheap labor and rising economy in China, so he closed his factories and offices in Taiwan and moved to China to start a new empire. He was right, the business was an instant roar, he made almost doubled his former profit, and the only difference in the business from here and Taiwan was he just bribed some officials to get things he wanted. Law was not even an issue to him anymore. His ethics were lost in a mist of fog.

            This businessman had only one error; he was still trapped as a boy in a manís body. He learned no virtues as he hunted for gold; he gained no lessons and learned nothing about being a person. He lost ethics while he was making money; he forgot to pay respect to the people who gave him the opportunities. He forgot that when he closed his company in Taiwan, he made eight hundred people unemployed. Like the story with the mom and son, he forgot to pay respect to the person who gave him the opportunity to become so prosperous. He turned his back and betrayed his country. The reason why Taiwanís economy dropped was not due to the lack of qualified workers, it was because jobs were loss because people like the boy ran away from his country. He didnít just abandon his country, in a way he abandoned his mother, and along side his pride had vanished too.

            Taiwan gave him the education; the place, the opportunity, and the man returned her with nothing except abandonment. He says he will stand for Taiwan in the time of need, but the time is now and he does not perform.

            We silently tell ourselves we are Taiwanese, but what we need to do is shout it so the world can hear our cries. When a person calls us Chinese, we must not nod and agree, but take it in our time to clarify we are not, and tell them we are Taiwanese. We must stand proud as citizens of a majestic country, who provides us like a mother provides her children. We must not linger any longer, until the chance becomes too late, like the story with the mother and son. The man couldnít live with himself because he, himself, killed his mother, how can we live with ourselves if we leave our motherland to die? It is not wrong to invest in other countries, but abandoning it only lowers the economic status, we must consider the options we make, and choose the right path. Without Taiwan the man could not have became so prosperous, and without us Taiwan will not get stronger as a country. As an individual we stand fragile, but as a whole we stand tough and indestructible. Money must not corrupt us because we worked for it unlike many of whom that are controlling our political systems and never worked in their life, we must take the power back. We must give the power back to the people, and not the insignificant margin which controls the Taiwanese. Corrupt ruling must end, and it will not end until we come together as a whole. Do not wait until it is to late. Living with regrets is not a way to live at all.

            As a country we must stand and liberate, die for an unselfish cause, give our children a brighter future of equality, ethics, and most importantly freedom. We must not let Fascist China oppress our people anymore, this madness must end.

Individuals fight for greed, while together we fight for freedom.

10/08/2003 - revised

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