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            After Taiwan achieved minor freedom, citizens thought the better times were coming. But a new dilemma exists, Taiwan was faced with the reality of corrupt regime and we have overcame that, but beyond the crisis that was faced, a new problem arose, and we are too blind to face, the issue of supporting the enemy. The product of Taiwan’s work thus belongs, not to the nation, but to the foreigner enemy, China. The Taiwanese workers have lost their profession, lost their spirit, and all because of the conspirator of Taiwan. In the political sphere, we are oppressed, we lost first our military privilege, and with that loss went the worlds view of our sovereignty of this vast country, and then our financial independence, for there remains always the traitors of Taiwan, and we have no longer a politically free Taiwan, we are already a colony of the outside world. We as Taiwanese who work with the enemy have so far as possible to humiliate all of Taiwan, morally, we positively destroyed our own honor and helped to befoul, to besmirch, and to deny everything which we previously held sacred. Now we must find something that has been lost, our pride.

The bourgeoisies ask why must we fight for a greater Taiwan, and why can we not remain selfish for we have gained all we needed, our freedom, and our “right” for treason. World organizations have oppressed us from the beginning, and the United Nations have again and again denied the existence of Taiwan. But who controls the United Nations? The People? NO! The regime of China who is still enforcing other nations to oppress the wonderful country, China can never be. The reason for this oppression is part China but more part Taiwan, the Taiwanese who do not act is the problem and this is something we must improve on.

We wonder who brought this misfortune, which led the Taiwanese to this point of treason. The answer is clear, it is because of the propagandist foreigners in Taiwan who enforce this idea of treason, and self-indulgence, and this method does not work anymore. We must not think for ourselves, but think how we can better the society for we are complete, and to become perfect we must go further in society to be the first country to have all of it’s people flourishes.

The foreigners leeching off of Taiwan has not become poorer, for they have always been rich, and if we are led to believe their propaganda they will continue to be rich. He continues to get bloated, for if you do not believe me, visit the wealthier side of Taiwan, there are two types of inhabitants, the Taiwanese who had work hard to get there, and now are too greedy to give up their chains, and the filthy foreigners who have always thought money grew from trees.

            In China millions are ruined and dying, many of which are being oppressed by the foreigners that inhabit Taiwan, for they have leeched the Taiwanese money, and are now trying to leech the Chinese workers. But the tyrants of China who disguises as governments travel by private jets, watch naked dancers perform for him pleasure, live in fancy mansions, and does himself better then the millions who struggle for their everyday life. Now the people who were once forced to believe they were to fight the bourgeoisie are now trying to become bourgeoisie and now all their suffrage has been for the benefit of the Chinese tyrants. Once the worker appropriated the purse of the landed owner who gave him work, he took the rings, the diamonds and rejoiced that he had now got the treasures which before only the 'bourgeoisie' possessed. But in his hands they are dead things, they are in fact actual death. They are no profit to him. He is banished into his wilderness and one cannot feed oneself on diamonds. For a morsel of bread he gives millions in objects of value. But the bread is in the hands of the State Central Organization and this is in the hands of the Chinese tyrants: so everything, everything that the common man thought that he was winning for himself, flows back again to his seducers.

They do not wish the end of the Revolution, for they do not need it. For them the Revolution is milk and apples. And further they cannot end the Revolution. For if one or another amongst the tyrants were really not seducer but seduced, and today, driven by the inner voice of horror at his crime, were to step before the masses and make his declaration: 'We have all deceived ourselves: we believed that we could lead you out of misery, but we have in fact led you into a misery which your children and your children's children must still bear' - he cannot say that, he dare not say that, he would on the public square or in the public meeting be torn in pieces.

For this is the exact reason why Taiwan will never join this horrid regime, and we will stay and always be independent. And amongst the masses there begins to flow a new stream, a stream of opposition. It is the recognition of the facts which is already in pursuit of this system, it already is hunting the system down; it will one day scourge the masses into action and carry the masses along with it. And these foreign viruses, they see that behind them the anti-Sino foreigner movement wave grows and grows; and when the masses once recognize the facts, that are the end of these tyrants.

            The Taiwanese people must rid of the inner problems before we can progress and prosper like we did in the past. That is the mightiest thing which our Movement must create: for these widespread, seeking and straying masses a new belief which will not fail the Taiwanese in this hour of confusion, to which we can pledge ourselves, on which we can build so that we may at least find once again a place which may bring calm to our hearts.  


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